ESAB Presents Two Breakthrough Stick and TIG Welders

ESAB, one of the most popular companies that produce welding equipment has recently introduced two new products called ET 301i AC/DC and ET 220i AC/DC which are presented as inverter welding machines. These are advanced welding machines that provide a person with full digital control over Stick and TIG welding processes. Besides, both the welders are lightweight and provide the wanted flexibility of input power. Among other advanced features of these products, a person will see benefits from an opportunity to adjust the AC or DC output that can vary from 0.2 to 2000 Hz.

Thanks to the Tiptronic function as well as the proper diameter of the electrode diameter, a person can achieve the best welding performance. Additionally such characteristics as controllable arc force as well as the opportunity to control the amperage make the welding machines most competitive among the similar machines of competitors. Improving welding quality may be achieved with the help of full control over the weld bead profile and over the volume of heat emitted.


But one of the advanced features that is not present in any of other welders is considered to be the increased power per pound which makes the whole process of welding just a piece of cake. The welders are protected by aluminum cases that increase durability of the products. These more improved invertors help an operator achieve the best results as they get a chance to tune the welding parameters for the specific conditions.

TIG welding equipment reviews

These two welding machines are a perfect choice for professionals that know what they want and how to achieve that with the help of numerous technical characteristics. But these machines can also be beneficial for people that want to use them home and to perform certain welding works about the house.

Photo in this post from ESAB website. Visit them and check their technology

ESAB et301i and ET220i reviews

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