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Quality and Safety Standards of Welding

There are many industries where high quality welding is needed and among them the most popular ones are construction and maintenance of all sorts of cooling and heating systems. Welders that are supposed to...


Health and Safety Regulations for Ultrasonic Welding

The key characteristics of the ultrasonic welding process are control, speed, and precision. That’s why many manufacturers use the technique in various applications. At present, ultrasonic welding systems come in various forms. And just...


Safety Tips on Aluminum Welding

Workplace safety is an important subject in the welding industry. More companies are trying their best to keep their workplaces accident-free, especially when it comes to aluminum welding. The metal has unique properties that...


Health Hazards of working as a Welder

Welding, cutting, and brazing are hazardous actions that present a distinctive combination of both safety and health dangers to more than 500,000 workers in a wide variety of industries. In Line With the Occupational...


Gas cutting and Gas Welding Hazards

Welding and cutting iron sheets and rods using compressed gases can be dangerous, unless the welder is aware of safety measures to prevent a possible accident. Generally welders use oxy/fuel combustible gas for shearing...

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Welding Safety Equipment

Nowadays, welding is not an unfamiliar field with everyone. It is a process that joins materials, usually sheet metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence. There are various energy sources which can be used for...

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